Mathematics A1a - Calculus (BMETE90AX00/EN0-VBK)

Rahele Mosleh
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Wednesday 16-19(K375) and Thursday 16-19(K375)

Course requirements

Mathematics A1a



Neptun id.: BMETE90AX00, [Credits: 6 (lecture 4 + practice 2), exam based]

Maximum allowed absence rate: 30%


Part 1: Csima Géza (, Part 2: Rahele Mosleh (

Faculty Signature:

Midterm tests will be given:



Passing limit


Legal tools

# 1


30% separately by parts

Part 1: Complex numbers,Vectors, lines and planes in 3-space. Numerical sequences, numerical series

Part 2: Functions, Limits of functions, continuity.Differentiation, rules of derivation, Tangent line.

Mean value theorem., L’Hospital Rule.

Formula sheet

# 2


30% separately by parts

Part 1: Indefinite integral. Tehniques of integration:

integration by parts, substitution. Definite integral, Newton-Leibniz formula.

Part 2: Extrem values, graphing functions. Optimization. Taylor’s Theorem.

Formula sheet

To get the faculty signature each of the two midterm tests and the zero test should be successful. You should reach at least 30 percents of the total points in both parts of the syllabus simultanously.


Repeated Tests: all tests can be retaken at the end of the semester.

Signature Tests: finally to get the faculty signature there will be a Signature Test during the make up week in December. Those who fail here, can not get signature!


Grading system: at the end of the semester there will be written final exam (100 minutes). To be successful students are expected to reach at least 40% of the final exam. The final grade for the subject:10% for each part of every midterm, 40% in total and 60% for final test.                                      

0  - 39     failed;

40 - 54    passed;  

55 - 69    satisfactory; 

70 - 84    good; 

85 - 100  excellent



  • Thomas: Calculus, 13th edition, (International Edition), Addison Wesley.