Name Assignment Office Telephone
Szilvia Béla assistant professor H21 +36-1-463-2665
Mária Benyovszky department administrator H22 +36-1-463-2645
Géza Csima assistant professor H662 +36-1-463-2670
Gábor Etesi associate professor H22 +36-1-463-1750
Ákos G. Horváth professor, head of department, director of the Institute H22 +36-1-463-2645
Andrea Halmschlager master instructor H21 +36-1-463-1145
Márton Horváth assistant professor H21 +36-1-463-2644
Boldizsár Kalmár assistant professor H662 +36-1-463-2670
Zsolt Lángi associate professor H21 +36-1-463-1145
Emil Molnár professor (retired) H22 +36-1-463-1761
Gábor Molnár-Sáska assistant professor (retired) H21 +36-1-463-2644
Márta Szilvási-Nagy associate professor (retired) H21 +36-1-463-2665
István Prok associate professor H21 +36-1-463-2644
Szilárd Szabó associate professor H22 +36-1-463-1750
Brigitta Szilágyi associate professor H662 +36-1-463-2670
Jenő Szirmai associate professor H22 +36-1-463-1761
Péter Vrana associate professor H22 +36-1-463-1761
Students (PhD)
Name Assignment Office Telephone
Bushra Basit PhD student H21 +36-1-463-1145
Dávid Bugár PhD student H223 +36-1-463-5704
Péter Ivanics PhD student H662 +36-1-463-2670
Arnasli Yahya PhD student H21 +36-1-463-2644