Subject requirements of Introduction to Geometry

Kód: BMETE94AM17; Követelmény: 2/0/0/V/3;

Félév:2019/20/1;  Nyelv: angol; 

Előadó: Dr. Szabó Szilárd

Presence. Students are  required to be present at at least 70% of the classes. We check presence at each class. 

Continuous control: 10 homework exercises disrtibuted along the semester, due the week after they are assigned, for 5 points each (i.e. a total of 50 points). 

The necessary condition of completing the course -- in addition to the presence requirement explained above -- is to reach 20 points on the homework exercises.

Exam: The exam will consist of theoretical questions (25 points) and exercises (25 points). 

Course grade: The total score is the sum of the points earned on homework problems and on the exam. Based on the total score, the final grades are as follows: 

0-39 points: 1 (Fail),

40-54 points: 2,
55-69 points: 3,
70-84 points: 4,
85-100 points: 5.

Office hour: Tuesday 9-10 AM

H. S. M. Coxeter: Introduction to Geometry