Schedule of Introduction to Geometry


  1.  week (Sept. the 9th) Recollection of high school Geometry (angles, triangles, centroid, circumcenter, orthocenter, Euler's line)
  2. week  (Sept. the 16th) Vectors, addition, multiplication by a scalar, identities, the nine-point circle of a triangle
  3. week  (Sept. the 23rd) Co-ordinates, scalar product and cross product of vectors
  4. week  (Sept. the 30th.) Triple product of vectors, equations of lines and planes
  5. week  (Oct. the 7th) Isometries of the plane 1.
  6. week  (Oct. the 14th) Isometries of the plane 2.
  7. week  (Oct. the 21st)  Isometries of the space 1. 
  8. week  (Oct. the 28th)  Isometries of the space 2. 
  9. week  (Nov. the 4th) No class
  10. week (Nov. the 11th) Spherical Geometry 1.
  11. week  (Nov. the 18th) Spherical Geometry 2.
  12. week  (Nov. the 25th) Conics 1.
  13. week  (Dec. the 2nd) Conics 2.
  14. week  (Dec. the 9th) Polyhedra


H. S. M. Coxeter: Introduction to Geometry

Budapest, 2019. Sept. the 9th

Dr. Szabó Szilárd
course instructor