Monohedral tilings of a Regular Polygon

2021. 10. 19. 10:30
Bushra Basit

A tiling of a topological disc by topological discs is called monohedral if all tiles are congruent. Maltby (J. Combin. Theory Ser. A 66: 40-52, 1994) characterized the monohedral tilings of a square by three topological discs. Kurusa, Lángi and Vígh (Mediterr. J. Math. 17: article number 156, 2020) characterized the monohedral tilings of a circular disc by three topological discs. The aim of this talk is to connect these two results by characterizing the monohedral tilings of any regular $n$-gon with at most three tiles for any $n \geq 5$. Joint work with Zsolt Lángi.