Lángi Zsolt



At the College of Dunaújváros (1998-2004, 2008-2009)

  • Hungarian and English calculus tutorials and lectures for full-time and part time students
  • abstract algebra lectures for full-time students in English
    At the University of Calgary (2004-2008)
  • MATH221 (linear algebra) tutorials
  • MATH349 (multivariate calculus) tutorials
  • PMAT315 (abstract algebra) tutorials
  • MATH311 (abstract vector spaces) tutorials
    At the Budapest University of Technology (2008-)
  • A1-A3 tutorials (mathematics for engineering students)
  • A1-A2 lectures (mathematics for engineering students)
  • Preengineering geometry and algebra lectures (courses in English about high school mathematics)
  • Computer graphics laboratory exercises
  • Descriptive geometry lectures and tutorials in Hungarian and in English
  • Combinatorial and discrete geometry lectures and tutorials (for MSc students in mathematics)
  • Differential geometry tutorials (for BSc students in mathematics)

Research Interest:

Discrete, convex and combinatorial geometry. In particular geometric optimization problems, the geometry of normed spaces, static equilibrium points of convex bodies, etcetera.

Kiemelt publikációk

Z. Lángi, On a normed version of a Rogers-Shephard type problem, accepted in Israel J. Math., arXiv:1308.2500 [math.MG].

M. Hujter and Z. Lángi, On the multiple Borsuk numbers of sets, Israel J. Math. , 199 (2014), 219-239, arXiv:1206.0892v2 [math.MG], [math.CO]

G. Domokos and Z. Lángi, The robustness of equilibria on convex solids, Mathematika 60 (2014), 237-256, arXiv:1301.4031v1 [math.MG], [math-ph], [math.DS].

Z. Lángi, On the Hadwiger numbers of starlike disks, European J. Comb. 32 (2011), 1203-1211, arXiv:1002.3918v3 [math.MG].

Z. Lángi, On diagonalizable operators in Minkowski spaces with the Lipschitz property, Lin. Alg. Appl. 433 (2010), 2161-2167, arXiv:1003.2285v5 [math.FA].

K. Bezdek, Z. Lángi, M. Naszódi and P. Papez, Ball-polyhedra, Discrete Comput. Geom. 38 (2007), 201-230. arXiv:1110.4329v1 [math.MG].


Some of my lectures:

The mathematics of pebbles: equilibria and Morse functions, Geometry Days in Novosibirsk, Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk, Russia, August 28-31, 2013.

On a discrete isoperimetric inequality, Workshop on Discrete Geometry (In: Thematic Program on Discrete Geometry and Applications, July - December 2011), Fields Institute, Toronto, Canada, September 13-16, 2011.

On the Hadwiger numbers of topological disks, 115th Annual Meeting of the American Mathematical Society, Washington DC, USA, January 5-8, 2009.

Isoperimetric inequalities for kg-polygons, Convex Sets and their Applications, BIRS 06w5059, Banff, Alberta, Canada, March 4-9, 2006.

Ball-polytopes and 1-convexity, 2005 Winter Meeting of the Canadian Mathematical Society, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, December 10-12, 2005.